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Last three weeks were quite busy:) I even didn’t have chance to post :) First of all I’m student again, tadaa, yes it’s online course but which one, wait for that…. Biology! I need desperately emoticons here:) why Biology? This… Read More ›

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  • Sea thoughts


    It was a time when I could go to the sea without any reason … just .. sit… breathe the air … to think and sometimes even cry… Now, go to the sea I need a reason … strange … Or maybe I… Read More ›

  • Mint and tapestry


    I love my new booties and this old vest which I’ve done by myself from my old coat, which I didn’t wear for long time. Pastel colors are so close to me lately, I like play with them, but sometimes… Read More ›

  • Inside of …


    Personally I’m big fan of her. Just check this video out!

  • Let’s choose May’s best outfit


    It’s a middle of the June, but I’d like to ask you to vote for my May’s best outfit. Thank you a lot!:)))) You can click on the pictures to check them closer Уже середина июня, но я все равно решила сделать… Read More ›

  • No, I’m not a soccer player


    I don’t know what but something in my outfit was attracting a lot of passerby’s attention. Maybe socks:)  No, I’m not a soccer fan neither player:) But I have kinda the same socks. I’ve bought them from a sport department,… Read More ›

  • There is no man in my shoots


    I was lucky enough to find these awesome pants in  Ponsonby area from local designer brand Cybele here they are. Btw I saw there awesome skirt for only 30 dolls but not my size:(((. Maybe you will be lucky? BTW this shirt… Read More ›


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